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The term - automated control systems - appeared as soon as computer technology was introduced into control systems.

The first simplest ACS consisted of only two levels: information gathering and decision making.

Recently, control systems have made a tremendous evolution, but their feature is still an automated machine process followed by a person.

Being involved in critical structures, automated control systems are built on the basis of fault-tolerant, highly reliable computing technology.

This is an industrial-grade technique designed specifically for long-term, round-the-clock operation in industrial facilities.

The consequences of system failure or failure pose a serious threat to the life of the enterprise, the operation of equipment and the health of people.

Despite the high responsibility for the uninterrupted process, the need to improve the safety level of the automated control system has recently been discussed. Virus attacks, which have become regular since the mid-2010s, attracted widespread interest in the topic.

Today, corporate cybersecurity issues are discussed at the level of political leaders.

The answers are in technology.

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