Silogic Group explores global trends,
combining its own developments
and the experience of international partners.
Today we provide power storage solutions,
waste recycling projects,
and hydrogen energy technologies

Silogic Group исследует мировые тенденции,
объединяя собственные исследования и опыт
международных партнеров. Сегодня мы представляем решения для хранения электроэнергии, проекты по переработке отходов и технологии водородной энергетики.

The new era requires a reassessment of values.
The demand of eco-activists for the rational use of resources has become the goal of the latest technologies. Silogic Group supports effective approaches, develops successful innovations and improves projects aimed at the future.

Hydrogen Energy

In the EU countries, “green” hydrogen is used to heat residential buildings and develop transport infrastructure. Projects that reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere have been implemented in the agricultural sector, metallurgy and the food industry. Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States produce environmentally friendly hydrogen, transfer it through gas pipelines and convert it into electricity. The integration of renewable energy sources into industry, energetics and infrastructure declares new prospects for Ukraine.

Waste Recycling

The problem of solid waste processing remains acute. Ukrainian landfills have exceeded their useful life and do not meet modern requirements. At the same time, there are ready-made solutions that can automate the process of recycling and convert more than 50% of the solid waste in the secondary high-quality fuel. The construction of integrated recycling plants using proven technologies is the right answer to a weakened environment and the economic crisis.

Energy Storage

Actual decisions on the basis of batteries (Battery Energy Storage System) – is not only a safety device for storing electricity. New operating platforms provide control and management, scalable digital intelligence increases asset performance. Storage adoption is a trend that is driving the next generation of clean and flexible power grids. By providing engineering and integration, we plan the future of our customers in a changing energy landscape.

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