The Future is Now


Company Silogic Group works daily with the need to modernize production. Technological processes strive for excellence - we find solutions

Defending leadership positions, our clients are constantly looking for ways to improve production. They follow the Six Sigma management concept, use the DMAIC approach, implement lean principles, and are prepared for rapid process changes.

Silogic Group's control systems answer current issues, meet high standards and are future-oriented. We mark in the priority list:

Personnel Security and Cybersecurity

Modern automated lines and installations

Using the latest robots in production

Monitoring, commissioning and diagnostics of equipment via the Internet

Reliable data on the number of manufactured products, rejects and downtime, analysis of equipment performance

Saving energy and sustainability

Silogic Group - an expert in the field of automation - opens up new opportunities for our regular and potential customers. Ambitious tasks always find a worthy implementation, so we boldly assert: the future is already here today.

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