IoT: Top 3 Reasons

Conscious choice

The basic idea behind IoT is that everything is interconnected. Technology puts things in order

Today the world around us is becoming the Internet of Things. What does this mean? The Internet of Things (IoT) includes several phenomena at once. These are the devices themselves that go online and interact with each other. This is a way of connecting - M2M - that is, machine-to-machine, without human intervention. This is big data. Which generates devices for analytics in business decision making.

The Internet of Things is used in all industries where there is a need for automation. IoT is actively developing in a wide variety of industries, logistics and Smart City. That is, where there is a need for remote monitoring of the state of objects or collection of big data for subsequent analysis.

Today, IoT makes it possible to save on the organization of production and maintenance of equipment: sensors collect information about the state of work processes, and maintenance occurs at the right time. The development of the Internet of Things is individual for security services, medical companies, transport, retail ...

The list of companies interested in this area of ​​the Silogic Group is growing rapidly.

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