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Modernization of the building management system


The building management system was established in 2002 and manages the heating unit, ventilation and air conditioning, local temperature control in office premises (VAV, floor heating), dispatching of power supply systems, water supply and other auxiliary systems

The need to replace controller equipment that has been discontinued, the possibility of
introducing energy-saving technologies


Save maintenance resources and reduce troubleshooting time from hours to minutes with control system diagnostics and web access
Reduce troubleshooting time and reduce operating costs through the use of modern unified components

Energy saving through the implementation of energy efficient control algorithms


Modernization of the building management system

Replacement of controller hardware

HMI Replacement

Replacement of VAV room control units with local automation stations with VAV actuators and room control modules


Siemens PXC controller (BACnet/IP, MODBUS, WEB server)

Operator touch panel Siemens PXM

Ability to manage processes from a web browser of a computer connected to a local network

Room controllers Siemens DXR2.E10PL with built-in actuator VAV, BACnet/IP, KNX

Siemens QMX3 room units with temperature sensor, segmented display and touch keys, KNX

Use of energy saving algorithms (Energy efficiency function "Green Leaf")


Development of a set of schemes


PLC: Siemens PXC, DXR

HMI: Siemens PXM, QMX, Web interface


Placement of new equipment in existing control rooms

electrical connection


Configuring Devices and Sensors


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