Dryer Tornum TK8-28-4. Control system


TK series in-line mixed flow dryer for economical and gentle grain drying. The need to replace obsolete control system equipment. The need to improve the environmental situation: during the unloading of the dryer with the constant operation of the fans, dust and debris enter the atmosphere


Reduced downtime thanks to the reliability of the new control system

The use of frequency converters to control the dryer fans made it possible to drastically reduce the dust content of the air and the emission of garbage into the environment

Save maintenance resources and reduce troubleshooting time from hours to minutes with control system diagnostics

Reducing operating costs through the use of modern unified components


Modernization of the control system

Production of a control panel for a grain dryer mod. Tornum TK8-28-4

Installation of a modern Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 universal controller and a SIMATIC IPC327E embedded industrial computer with a 23.8" Dell monitor

Installation of low-voltage switching technology: introductory machine, starting assemblies, intermediate relays

Installing a Siemens SINAMICS V20 frequency converter for fan control

Creation of an automated process control system for grain dryer control - Tornum TK8-28-4


Control system in accordance with the international standard OMAC PackML (ISA-TR88.00.02), providing data for calculating OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and RCA (Root Cause Analysis of Stoppages); interface for communication with MES / MOM, a set of modes, states and parameters of the machine, the reasons for transitions between states, a standardized appearance


Development of electrical circuit diagrams


PLC: Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200



Shield set (included in the cost of the shield)

Installation of equipment in the shield

Wire and Device Marking

Shield testing


Adjustment of parameters of protection devices

Parameterization of drive technology

Parameterization/configuration of smart devices

Work in test mode

Operator instruction

Operating personnel instruction

Transfer of software to the Customer

Transfer of documentation to the Customer

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